Heineken Remind Rugby Fans That #ItsYourCall

Heineken Remind Rugby Fans That #ItsYourCall

By myclever™ Agency

In our weekly round up series, we’re taking a look at Heineken’s Rugby World Cup social media campaign.



The Heineken brand is 149 years old, and originates out of the Netherlands.

Alongside prevalent TV and print advertising, Heineken has sponsored several sporting events – including the Heineken Cup from 1995 until it ceased in 2014.

The brand has over 19 million Facebook likes, 129,000 YouTube subscribers, 29,000 Instagram followers and 13,200 Twitter followers.


The PR stunt that brought this campaign to our attention saw Heineken drinkers at a pub in Ireland given personalised, signed rugby balls from New Zealand legend Jonah Lomu.

The experiential marketing event supports the wider push to position Heineken as a premium lager by further associating it with rugby.

This includes a custom microsite where content featuring competitions rugby legends is hosted.

Other elements include the competition to win a VIP experience at the opening game of this years Rugby World Cup, at Twickenham.

Fans will be encouraged to hunt down a UK coin minted in 1991 (the year of Jonah Lomu’s amazing Rugby World Cup campaign) and tweet a picture of it to the Heineken UK Twitter page with the #ItsYourCall hashtag.


Already a prolific brand, the Rugby World Cup campaign has seen heineken enjoy consistently high mentions on social media.

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There are also a significant number of mentions for the brand on various rugby  websites:

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As well as out-of-home, print and television ads, the campaign is being brought to life on social media.

The brand has posted micro-video content in Facebook’s native video format, as well as image posts to build up anticipation of this autumn’s tournament.

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 16.13.47

The brand’s Twitter channel is also sharing the same video and image content with native auto-play video tweets.


The Rugby World Cup is the third largest sporting event in the world.

With this year’s competition tipped to be the biggest ever in the tournament’s history, smart brands should be making the most of it.

Heineken have the advantage of a pre-existing relationship with the sport’s growing fanbase, but that doesn’t mean they could rest on their laurels.

Activity that stirs up interest, engages hardcore rugby fans and positions the brand closer to a respected, premium sport (compared to football’s recent controversies) is an astute move from Heineken.

As the tournament draws closer, they need to guarantee that they continue to build up hype and anticipation, then continue to engage the rugby community in the wake of the competition.

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