Target Give Students A Dorm Room “Made For U”

Target Give Students A Dorm Room “Made For U”

By myclever™ Agency

In our weekly round up series, we’re taking a look at Target’s Made For U campaign.


The second largest discount retailer in the US, Target operates nearly 2,000 stores in North America.

Target has over 22 million Facebook likes, 1.6 million Twitter followers and 317,000 Pinterest followers.

Made For U

In the build up to the next semester, Target are aiming their latest digital campaign at America’s student population.

The Made For U microsite is a hub for hundreds of homeware designs and accessories, with a personality quiz element that suggests how you should decorate your dorm based on your tastes and interests.

A social-lead campaign, the microsite invites you to connect via Facebook or Instagram so that an algorithm can deduce what you’ll like from your social media habits and connections.

Once you’ve completed the quiz, and received your unique dorm look and feel, you’re encouraged to share the app to your new roommate, in the hopes that your styles don’t clash.


The Made For U campaign has enjoyed over 1,800 mentions since its launch on July 21st.

The majority of these were made during its first week, however.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 15.02.54

The volume of mentions was significantly weighted towards female tweeters – outnumbering male tweeters 77% to 23%.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 15.04.57

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the majority of people talking about the campaign on Twitter are students and artists.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 15.05.16



The campaign has been supported by branded tweets, but (despite encouraging users to authorise via Facebook) no content can be seen on the brand’s Facebook page.

A branded Pinterest board entitled Dream Dorm features a selection of products featured in the Made For U app, as well as more inspirational items.


Using people’s social media data to gauge what they like is a useful and insightful way of engaging with your audience.

Target is offering new and returning students a visual, personalised selection of products that should (in theory) suit their tastes.

There’s no guarantee you’ll love every time put in front of you (for example, just because I love to read, does not mean I want a set of pug book ends).

That being said, considering the size of Target’s Facebook audience, we can’t help but wonder why this campaign hasn’t been promoted to these 22 million people, which would inevitably amplify the sight’s popularity.

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