Nescafé Perks Up Millennials By Switching To Tumblr

Nescafé Perks Up Millennials By Switching To Tumblr

By myclever™ Agency

Nescafé have made the bold move to migrate to Tumblr.

The “world’s leading coffee brand” have opted to focus their social media and digital presence on the blogging platform, as they attempt to reach out and engage millennials.

Nescafe’s other social channels now point audiences towards this new home.

In their official statement, the brand declared that their new Tumblr blog will help to build “stronger relationships with younger consumers.”


For those not familiar, Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform somewhere between Instagram and Facebook.

Videos, images and GIFs are welcome and often shared to hilarious effect, while text posts can include friend- and hashtagging, and feature far less restrictive character limits.

Similarly to Instagram, Tumblr’s users are predominantly younger than many other platforms.

According to this infographic on AdWeek, over half of Tumblr’s active users are aged 18-34, while only 8.4% are aged 55 and over.

Unconfirmed reports suggest there are 30-50 million active users on the platform – hardly the 300 million and growing that Instagram boasts, but the blogging site has much more functionality than the image-sharing app.

So Why The Move?

Nestle say that “the change reflects [Nescafé’s] position as Nestlé’s top-performing brand on social media, with more than 35 million fans worldwide.”

Their intention is to create and contribute to social conversations via “images, videos, GIFs and other coffee-related content uploaded by the Tumblr community.”

Marketing Week quoted Mintel research that suggests younger people are adverse to instant coffee. Sales fell by 3% from £806 million to £782 million in 2014, and is expected to decrease to £700 million by 2020.

Tumblr has a high reach within younger audiences, who have been resistant to the attempts to monetise the platform since Yahoo acquired it for $1.1billion in 2013.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 16.31.38

It would appear that Nescafé are positioning themselves right in the firing line of their target market.

This could prove effective, if they remember that the vast majority of millennials use their social channels to engage and discover, not to receive preaching, sales messages.

Judging by the content that exists on the new Nescafé Tumblr (above), the brand are just about treading the right side of fine line.

Only time will tell when reactive and less heavily branded content starts to make its way into the feed of Tumblr’s active users.

Over To You

What do you think? How will Nescafé’s move to Tumblr affect their presence on social media?

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