Bose Fans Go #ThroughTheNotes In Emotive Social Videos

Bose Fans Go #ThroughTheNotes In Emotive Social Videos

By myclever™ Agency

In our weekly round up series, we’re taking a look at Bose’s Through The Notes social media campaign.



Bose is an American electronics brand, specialising in premium audio equipment. The company has been operating since 1964.

The brand has over 2,600,000 Facebook likes, 106,000 Instagram followers, 42,000 YouTube subscribers, and 25,700 Twitter followers.

Through The Notes

According to the brand’s YouTube playlist, “Through the Notes is a vibrant mix of intimate stories capturing how music makes the most of every moment.”

The videos focus on the songs that “empower” and “connect” with people’s lives, asking the audience “What song defines you?”

The message Bose is spreading is that the music you love deserves to be heard through top quality kit.


Since launching in mid-September, the hashtag #ThroughTheNotes has had over 500 mentions.

 Although Bose is using the emotions of listeners to drive their messaging, the sentiment of mentions is largely neutral.

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A campaign that derives much of its meaning from emotions should be experiencing a much more strong, positive or negative response.


The five pieces of content that make up the YouTube playlist are being shared across Bose’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels.

Additional content – like the clip below – are complimenting the main videos.

That feeling when your song comes on. #ThroughTheNotes

A video posted by @bose on



As positioning goes, Bose knows its marketplace.

Good taste is subjective, but high quality audio equipment isn’t. Bose are reminding people of the immense and powerful feelings that music can evoke, through emotive and genuine testimonies.

While the initial content is worth a watch, and the use of all social channels an effective way to reach the maximum potential audience, where Bose could improve its efforts is by reaching out to key influencers in its community.

Music is so often spread by word-of-mouth; a friend’s recommendation goes a long way. If Bose were to enlist some high-profile social bods – YouTubers, Instagram influencers, etc. – they might find they reach more people, and drive more sales.

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