Now That’s Clever – Toyota’s ‘hyper-targeted’ Facebook ads

Now That’s Clever – Toyota’s ‘hyper-targeted’ Facebook ads

By myclever™ Agency

To complement their new TV advertisement touting the RAV4 Hybrid and featuring X-Men actor James Marsden, Toyota have launched a hyper-targeted Facebook campaign, also starring James Marsden.

Rav4-AD1Produced by Saatchi & Saatchi LA, more than 100 short clips have been filmed, all centred on different hobbies and interests. Three of these interchangeable clips are combined to make a single spot and served to the viewer based on the interests listed in their profile. The resulting videos show off different RAV4 features with the idea that the users’ interests are matched to these features, in a humorous way.

For me, with my penchant for clothes shopping, Toyota served an ad based around style. It begins, “If you’re stylish, a martial artist, or James Marsden, you have a lot of belts,” and continues with, “Why don’t you take your elevated tastes over here and check out this stylish new RAV4 Hybrid. It’s so stylish it looks great even without James Marsden,” to which Marsden replies “He’s probably right”.


In each, Marsden is the butt of various jokes and he responds with gestures and comments.

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The Result

Saatchi & Saatchi say that the result is what they call ‘multi-point storytelling,’ with up to 100,000 possible ad combinations, produced in partnership with Cloneless Media, a special effects house in Portland.

Over To You

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