Native Ads vs. Content Marketing

Native Ads vs. Content Marketing

By Andrew Hudson

If you read the first blog in our native advertising series, you’ll know that we’ve previously touched on the similarities between native ads and content marketing.

 We want to provide more clarity. While comparable from a content perspective, the goals, KPIs and challenges of these two marketing practices have distinct differences.

 With content marketing, a brand wants to achieve conversion and improve their search engine rankings. It’s easily measured with metrics like number of leads generated (not to mention the quality of them) and social shares. Native marketers are less absorbed with direct conversions, instead opting for the long play of raising brand awareness, building sentiment. The success of a native ad is determined much more by views, traffic and social engagement.

 Buzzfeed is the most prominent native platform, with such a powerful social identity presenting massive opportunity for its partners or “brand publishers”. Take Cancer Research UK. The charity had a buoyant 2015 on the site, with a set of irreverent articles and quizzes that were atypical of what you’d expect from their sector.

 Of course, leveraging platforms like Buzzfeed means forging a direct line to their audience, producing content laced with their trademark millennial sass. Content marketing, optimised as it is to drive agendas and generate conversions can lack the resonance with audiences that is inherent with publisher partnerships.

 Scaling native requires further investment – layers of strategy are implemented to make sure that brand reputation is built in the right audiences and in the right channels.

 That’s where social is paramount. We’re constantly proving the importance of great audience segmentation and bull’s eye targeting. Terrific content is nothing if it isn’t reaching the right people, and social is where native can really shine. A cohesive funnelling strategy is the final ingredient for effective re-engagement and eventual conversion.

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This post was written by Andrew Hudson

Andrew is myclever™ Agency's copywriter. Like all great writers, he's sensitive, deeply introverted and has a diehard penchant for knitwear.