Can Brands Borrow from Beyoncé to Go Tidal?

Can Brands Borrow from Beyoncé to Go Tidal?

By Andrew Hudson

Beyoncé’s got me thinking. I know, me and the rest of the world. But aside from the provocative videos, speculation about her personal life and the ongoing commentary following the release of ‘Lemonade’, there’s another story that’s drawn my attention; the effect of Queen Bey’s Tidal exclusivity on the streaming service’s fortunes.


April has proved to be Tidal’s most successful month to date, and it’s all down to one thing: exclusivity – the platform’s only legitimate USP after subscribers passed on high-quality, lossless audio.

The first surge in app downloads is undoubtedly due to the passing of Prince, whose back catalogue is almost singularly available on Tidal. Jump ahead three days and ‘Lemonade’ is helping Tidal float buoyantly on a sea of lemon-flavoured success, well ahead of its streaming rivals.

Tidal’s exclusivity strategy is paying off, and proving audiences will invest for access to something they love.

We want to know how far brands can leverage that idea. We already know that brands who produce unique, quality content – whether it’s a game, video, or experience – create compelling reasons for audiences to engage with them.

We want to challenge our clients to find their ‘Lemonade’ or, preferably, to create their own; an irresistible slice of content, exclusive to them. Then we want to challenge them again: to follow up on that content offering, and keep delivering. We know that hooking millions of new subscribers, followers or customers is one thing, but keeping them? That’s the long game we want to play.

Looking for bait to lure your own target audience with? We’re not an international pop star, but we’ve got some pretty good ideas. Get hold of us  @mycleveragency.

This post was written by Andrew Hudson

Andrew is myclever™ Agency's copywriter. Like all great writers, he's sensitive, deeply introverted and has a diehard penchant for knitwear.