Can You Turn Your Facebook Audience into Filmmakers?

Can You Turn Your Facebook Audience into Filmmakers?

By Abi Atkinson

As content producers, how can we better engage with our audiences?

How can we experiment with traditional narrative models to produce more engaging content?  One way is by using innovative storytelling techniques to create a space in which viewers become active participants in the storytelling process. That was the theme at the latest Test Card talk, entitled ‘Rhythms & Visions – Expanded & Live’ by Toby Harris.

rhythm and visions

The Test Card talks are a series of seminars and events held at Texture, Manchester, aimed at those interested in the audio visual medium; it’s a project designed to create a community exploring new technologies, software and techniques around AV and interactive storytelling.

So what is ‘Live’ cinema? One definition is that it’s a contemporary, experimental relation of cinema, after improvisation and performance become inexorably connected. In other words it’s a way of creating film by juxtaposing images, graphics, stories and characters, and editing the material in front of a live audience to create a different outcome each time. The audience and the filmmaker become engaged in this act of creation together, to feel part of something bigger.

Cinema is montage. Live cinema is about being present. Its improvised nature provokes more intense audience reactions because they feel a part of it.

The computational culture that we have evolved into, and the digital world we live in, means the way we absorb content has changed. I’m interested in exploring the ideas and theories behind Live cinema and connecting them with those of social media, particularly with the advancement of 360, virtual reality, Facebook Live and Snapchat stories.

Imagine taking both of these ideas to create a live, online space in which viewers can engage with the filmmaker, the content or each other. Perhaps audiences can tweet the next clip, or contribute by uploading their own videos, live. Facebook Live Video’s multi-camera capabilities could be a very interesting tool to explore these concepts further.

Certainly food for thought, so let’s get creative and throw caution to the wind! We want to make your brand stand out from the crowd and garner a wider, more actively participative audience to strengthen the connections with your brand. Get in touch with your thoughts @mycleveragency #livecinema #facebooklive  #livecontent

This post was written by Abi Atkinson

Abi is myclever™ Agency's Snr. Video Producer. A lover of all things film and moving image, her other interests include upcycling, cats (the comma’s important), horse riding, aerial hoop and prosecco.