Google I/O: Did Big Reveals Mean Big Reactions?

Google I/O: Did Big Reveals Mean Big Reactions?

By Andrew Hudson

From home gadgets and personal assistants to VR fantasies and a host of messaging services, Google offered up a buffet of new products and services at its 2016 developer conference.

We’ve worked with our partner Brandwatch to see which of Google’s latest up-and-coming offerings have resonated with users and developers on social from May 15th – 23rd.

Here’s a start: #io16 received 2.8bn impressions, meaning over a third of the world’s population have theoretically seen content associated with the conference. Take a look below to see just what that content was saying.



Customisable watch faces, messaging and fitness are still the leading reasons to own an Android Wear device, but now they’re coming with standalone apps. Wear’s niche appeal is reflected in its position on our list – it got the lowest volume of mentions on Twitter, with just 7,472 callouts over the ten days we measured.



Videoconferencing gets its own app. We know, we know. It’s apparently “designed to be simple, reliable and fun so you never miss a moment”. With 8,004 mentions, it was mutely received, with some fairly strong opinions in the mix…Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 19.47.37



Not content with leaving the social sphere to more established names, this is yet another of Google’s forays into messaging services. The difference is that is one is chat bot enabled. And it will suggest responses appropriate to who you’re chatting with. You don’t even need to think about what you’re saying anymore. Many of the 19,000 mentions associated with Allo were concerned with the wider debate about online privacy this presented.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 20.05.14



Essentially an upgraded Google Now, Google Assistant is very en vogue – a program that can hold conversation like Siri, while answering complex queries and performing simple scheduling tasks thanks to its integration with Google Allo. Over 23,000 mentions of Google Assistant showed a particular excitement for its integration with the new Home device (we’ll get there later).



Don’t confuse this with the nightmarish Deep Dream; no, Daydream is Google’s overdue platform for high quality mobile VR. 2016 being the unofficial year of VR (so far), it’s no surprise that more than 40,000 mentions proved that people have been baying for Google to move beyond Cardboard into the VR big leagues.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 21.18.53



This microphone that sits in your house amalgamates a number of services to be the device you talk to most when you’re at home. A direct competitor to Amazon’s Echo, it generated more than 50,000 mentions, and some pretty compelling design comparisons…

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 21.06.17



One for the devs, Instant Apps means better user experiences and app delivery, without data intensive work for devices. Overall, it received the most attention from the entire conference, generating over 237,000 mentions. A peak in conversations that mentioned Instant Apps also correlates with the highest peak in positive sentiment for the duration of Google’s event, indicative of the goodwill and excitement the unveiling generated.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 21.09.34


What’s the biggest news for you from Google’s I/O? Want to know about something we haven’t covered? Let us know @mycleveragency.

This post was written by Andrew Hudson

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