Say Hello to Audiences from Brandwatch

Say Hello to Audiences from Brandwatch

By Andrew Hudson

Because we work in partnership with Brandwatch, we’re already capable of mining deep audience insights that drive just about everything we do at myclever. Now though, thanks to their new Audiences tool, we’re able to cast that net even wider, and reign in exotic new audience profiles that have proved more evasive. 

So what’s the secret? Brandwatch have built upon what their tool already does so well by scrutinising individuals- and their online dialogue – to build tangible impressions of what they’re talking about, and why it matters.

Audiences relies on the Influence Graph – Brandwatch’s own searchable database that continues to grow and churn out new insights. It’s not just superficial numbers that dictates insights either; Audiences evaluates influencers, how they interact, and the reach this generates to their followers. Every metric is measured by the value of individual users

The result? An Insights tab dedicated to the presentation of trending topics and content that is solely exclusive to your audience, and benchmarked against database averages.

In a nutshell, the tool lets us more rapidly segment and analyse audience profiles so we can stay abreast of what’s important to them. By being in touch with their passions in real-time, we can be more responsive and quickly create relevant content that’s meaningful to them.

The tool is sensitive to a host of user data, from keywords in bios and recent tweets to more fundamental information like gender and profession. By quantifying this with more abstract data around interest, location and the nature of accounts – individual or organisational, Audiences allows users to build for more detailed audience lists to target.

The size of the opportunity this presents us is almost immeasurable. We’re now able to plug into online conversations to harvest data volunteered by target audiences. Not only that, but Audiences presents data in a way that can be curated, saved, revisited and updated. As a result, we can see past the obvious conversations to look inside online communities and create smart solutions that we have confidence they will respond to.

Want to know more about Audiences, or just share your own thoughts on audience data gathering? Tell us @mycleveragency, or ask for more information from @Brandwatch.

This post was written by Andrew Hudson

Andrew is myclever™ Agency's copywriter. Like all great writers, he's sensitive, deeply introverted and has a diehard penchant for knitwear.