myclever Campaigns of the week

myclever Campaigns of the week

By Danielle Wynne


Notice anything about this Instagram account? Idyllic photos of a trendy young person leading an action-packed life (along with some clever hashtagging) was enough to attract around 12,000 followers to the @louise.delage profile in just a few weeks. But the majorly overlooked part? This hip, 20-something city dweller constantly has a drink in her hand.

After a few weeks of this clever strategic approach, which generated thousands of engagements, the profile was revealed to actually be the work of Addict Aide – who wanted to raise awareness that addiction in young people is easy to overlook, or simply not recognise.

Creating an entire Instagram account for one campaign is something a lot of brands, particularly a non-profit, would shy away from. But clever ideas are definitely worth a risk.

Clever content


If you’re as sick of Facebook’s body-policing and censoring as some brands are, then you can totally relate to this Swedish Cancer Society’s current battle, with their content and ads being pulled for containing photos of – whisper it – breasts. As a solution, and to make sure their hard-worked-for content and campaign was seen, the brand made their promotional image of boobs square. And penned a ‘letter’ to Facebook’s community enforcers, chastising them for delaying their important message.


US-based painkillers Excedrin used the organically used #DebateHeadache hashtag in clever style by jumping on and creating a trend – while the debate was still being aired. As well as gaining Twitter’s praise, it was a great way of ensuring they were part of the conversation and turning the serious tone of an increasingly sour campaign into a clever marketing strategy.

This post was written by Danielle Wynne

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