Instamonocles – The Latest In Wearable Tech

Instamonocles – The Latest In Wearable Tech

By Jess Heaton


Not one to sit happily on the sidelines and let the trends roll by, social media’s latest conspicuous copy comes in the form of

Using one lens rather than two, Instamonocles ethos is all about living the adventure of life through a lens, whilst looking insanely cool.

It might feel the same, but actually, Instamonicles are very different. Not everybody enjoys wearing sunglasses, they can be irritating and also, limiting. I mean who really wears sunglasses indoors apart from Karl Lagerfeld?screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-15-30-20
Instamonocles changes everything. It’s the perfect accessory for those who race through life behind handlebars: bicycle or mustache. Seal your memories of golden craft beer and exquisitely smashed avocado with just the wink of an eye.
Aimed at any, generation, location, humans and their companions, Instamonocles record 10 seconds of video which is then shared on your social profile instantly. Don’t miss out on that sweet frontside nollie tailslide or the Dom Pérignon sparklers at bae’s lit party. Just wink and capture the moment.

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This post was written by Jess Heaton

Jess is the Marketing Manager at myclever™ Agency. She is a lover of food, tea and colourful things. A safety conscious soul, Jess would never lead a rock and roll lifestyle, unless of course she'd read the guidebook first.