Our Latest Award Winning Campaigns

Our Latest Award Winning Campaigns

By Jess Heaton

myclever™ Agency won two awards at the 2016 UK Social Media Communication Awards.

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That’s right, two awards in the bag from last week’s UK Social Media Awards event! The first, for the Best Private Sector Campaign win, saw myclever working with The Co-operative Bank to build credibility and attract new-to-bank customers with a compelling current account proposition. Our positioning was hinged around the phrase “It’s good to be different”, messaging that would help us produce a brand-led campaign.

The strategy leveraged the social impact of real people making a positive difference to other people’s lives and communities. So, we found a number of suitable stories that embodied this difference and chose one for each audience segment.

The campaign began with the Big Brand Moments: three emotive, sharable films served on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram championing the “different” stories. They omitted messaging or CTAs to qualify The Co-op Bank in the feed.

award, social media, uk social media campaigns, manchester, agency, 2016, winner

Granular targeting allowed us to serve the right content to the right people and, by considering our target audiences’ networks, their interests and lookalike audiences, we were able to build out a massive potential reach.

The social campaign successfully amplified the Everyday Rewards campaign to the target audience, achieving over 37 million impressions on Facebook alone.

Over 11.5 million video views more than trebled the 3.5m target. As a result, the CPVV was almost half the initial projection across all platforms (£0.024 vs £0.04) while VTR reached a peak of 47.84%.

Our CTR in the DR stage of the campaign of 0.36% on Facebook (which contributed over 85% of clicks) outperformed the Facebook and Salesforce benchmark CTR for financial services clients (0.239%).

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Our second award, for the Best Social Media Tool, was for Europe’s first AI driven events chatbot, SASbot. myclever tactically partnered with SAScon to test the limits of AI and chat bot technology, just days after Facebook’s release of their Messenger API.

We achieved our objectives, using state-of-the-art technology to garner press and media coverage for SAScon, raise the profile of myclever Lab and provide a brand new way for delegates to experience the event and explore new technology.

Launched and approved by Facebook just two weeks after the API release, SASbot became one of the first comprehensive bots of any kind available in the UK.

The agile build allowed us to go way beyond the original scope, creating features that integrated with Google Maps, Twitter and understood multiple languages – yet remained under budget.

The product featured in coverage around the UK including Manchester Evening News, Prolific North and a number of industry news sites with associated research published in The Spectator, The Times, Raconteur and Buzzfeed.

Want to know more about our award winning campaigns? Get in touch! be@mycleveragency.com or to learn more about Chat Bots, download our whitepaper here.

This post was written by Jess Heaton

Jess is the Marketing Manager at myclever™ Agency. She is a lover of food, tea and colourful things. A safety conscious soul, Jess would never lead a rock and roll lifestyle, unless of course she'd read the guidebook first.