Programmatic Native and the Future of Display Ads on Mobile

Programmatic Native and the Future of Display Ads on Mobile

By Dave Lowe

The Problem With Display on Mobile

Whilst social and PPC ads on mobile continue to go from strength to strength, display on mobile has been relegated to a special purgatory. Plagued by huge bounce rates (caused by accidental clicks), unsuitable formats and a rejection from users for jarring the browsing experience – display ads, once the backbone of digital strategy, are looking increasingly archaic.

Google acknowledge this, stating…

“Brands have done a good job adapting content experiences for mobile devices—but advertising hasn’t kept up”.

Their solution to this threat to their revenue model; Programmatic Native

What is Programmatic Native?

Programmatic Native takes the Trojan horse of advertising – native – and automates it. Allowing advertisers to deliver all of their native inventory in any format, across multiple websites, on any device, anywhere, it completely strips out the need for an advertiser to work closely with a particular publisher or use a middleman to deliver native content.

How does it work?

Advertisers supply Google with text, headlines and images. Google then taps into its affiliate network using a set of criteria provided by the publisher (user interests, remarketing lists etc.) and repackages the supplied assets to fit the required format for the site/app the native ad is displayed in. No more jarring display ads, just tailor fitted native content. Dan Taylor of Google had this to say:

“We believe these innovations will improve the user experience, especially on mobile, with better results for advertisers and monetization for publishers,”

picture1The Mobile Market and Your Business

In 2015, mobile use outstripped desktop and laptop in the UK for the first time (The Drum, 2015). This figure correlates heavily with our own in-house data that shows the heavy majority of our efficient ad spend is delivered to mobile, with desktop/laptop use trailing massively in some verticals.

This gap will continue to widen until the next technological evolution takes browsing out of our hands and into some unknown ‘post-mobile’ future that makes it even easier to access the information we need. With that, advertisers need to adopt a portfolio that places less emphasis on traditional display and more emphasis on alternatives that don’t alienate the user base they intend to attract.

We believe that the Programmatic Native will come to form a core part of the next phase of smart, versatile, digital marketing portfolios. Seamlessly integrated into the user browsing journey.

Ready to make the leap? Our in-house copywriters, designers and advertising experts are already working on strategies that offer Programmatic Native as a central component. Don’t get left behind.


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This post was written by Dave Lowe

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