Facebook Launches Creative Hub

Facebook Launches Creative Hub

By Jess Heaton

When I scroll through Facebook, I accept that adverts are part of my timeline. They don’t bother me. Maybe it’s because I’m a marketer. Or just maybe it’s because brands are creating better, more refined native content that’s bespoke to suit their target audiences.

Don’t get me wrong, if I see an advert selling wedding venues or baby milk formula, I hide it straight away (sorry not for me right now). I don’t mind ads, but only if they are relevant.

Facebook has recently unveiled something amazing to educate brands and ensure the ads we see are the best they can be. Creative Hub is a new platform aimed at agency creatives, which acts as a knowledge centre and inspiration pool for exceptional content. Even though there are a whole plethora of advertising formats available through Facebook, not all brands understand how to get the most out of them.


Facebook’s chief creative officer Mark D’Arcy admitted it has neglected to ensure creative agencies are given enough guidance on what works (and doesn’t).

Speaking at the Cannes Lions festival in France in June, he said: “Within just 36 months we’ve gone from having very few creative experiences to having a lot, we need to provide better tools to the creative community itself.”

Creative agencies are rejoicing in this new movement… Hello handy best practices information and mock-ups! As obsessive creatives that create powerful digital campaigns, we try anything that’s new to make sure we’re offering the best possible solution for our clients. When Facebook Canvas launched, there were no means of sharing our final outcomes sophisticatedly, but now with Creative Hub, mock-ups can look ready to go in a perfectly formed Facebook or Instagram template. No more guesswork for agencies, no more guesswork for clients. Hallelujah!


In a world where advertising is becoming more intelligent and personal, it’s crucial agencies understand the benefits of social ads – how to make them stand out and look sharp against other brands. Nobody has time for average content, so wise up!

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This post was written by Jess Heaton

Jess is the Marketing Manager at myclever™ Agency. She is a lover of food, tea and colourful things. A safety conscious soul, Jess would never lead a rock and roll lifestyle, unless of course she'd read the guidebook first.